Introducing the lightest hammock stand in the world!

The Ultralight Hammock Stand allows you to use your hammock wherever you are - no need to rely on forests or hunt for suitable posts. Think beaches, forest clearings, hill-tops, festivals, gardens… Anywhere you want to hang out, tree-free!

Thanks to extensive research, testing and craftsmanship, this unique hammock stand is remarkably lightweight without any compromise on stability. Ideal for travelling and hiking, the Ultralight Hammock Stand weighs just 1.3kg and is supplied in one small carry bag. Made up of 2 collapsible struts, 6 ground plates, 12 pegs and cords, it’s a precision-engineered anchor system using the highest quality materials possible.

Custom made by DD in the UK, this backpacker-friendly stand is your ticket to even more freedom with your hammock.

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